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Final Auditions 11th January

Send an email to Kyle Stephens or give him a call 0422 221 886

Dear Sydney Actors

Kore Productions is planing on building a season of shows for 2015 to be held monthly over 10 months. We are currently looking for 8 to 10 actors that can Sing or dance act and if you can play any instrument of any kind that's even better.

Staff so far …

Kore Productions has 2 production staff in the company.

Kyle Stephens (founder of Kore) who takes the roll of anything that is required.

Kore Productions plans our big show to be Spring Awakening. those who are successful will all be part of that show as the lead rolls. Also we will have a guest Director ;)

What are we looking to do?

Well, we would like to put on 10 productions big and small throughout the year to be held in various venues throughout Sydney. Be it a pub or a small club. Some of the shows, depending on the money, will be held in bigger venues. We currently would like to hold a christmas show and our yearly musical. 2014 missed the musical as we decided to put on a play.

They type of shows we would like to see in 2015 are shows that a free of rights that can be adapted to small shows with either comedy music or and educational theme.

We would like 8 to 10 people to audition in front of our panel to show us what you can do. You must be over the age of 18 to take part in the company as the venues we want to put stuff on in like the valve bar and the vanguard are venues strictly 18 years and over.

We want you to become our performers for all the shows. our directors. our tech staff, promotion what ever can be done to make these shows fantastic. The first 2 months of the job will be contract free. Meaning that if you are not happy throughout the planing stage you are free to leave the company. But after the 2 months we will ask you to sign an agreement/contract to say that you are happy with the terms and what not.

What will you get in return?

Well, this is a payed job on a yearly contract. But the way it is paid is through the profits of all the shows. You will be paid fortnightly once the shows go up or monthly depending on the duration of the shows.

But we could use some financial help.

You don't need to be an actor to help make this happen. You can help us fund this exciting project.

For Further information or more details.

Feel free to contact Kyle Stephens on 0422 22 1886
or email at kyle.stephens@koreproductions.com.au

To audition for the company please contact Kyle Stephens so that he can book you a time for an audition.

At the Kore.

Kore Productions is an up and coming musical theatre production company founded by Kyle Stephens, and already has several shows under it's belt, Keating! the Musical in July 2012. January 2013 saw the premier of RePower - the Musical. A new adaption of Grahame Bond's Boy's Own McBeth put together by Grahame Bond and Kore Productions played at Sidetrack Theatre July 2013. And the Sydney premier of Paul McIntyre's Who Knows June - July 2014